Cancun in December for First Timers

@ The Finest Playa Mujeres Resort

Oh my where do I start? Well, first let me go back to when we decided to hit the south for December. I had never thought about traveling far during the holidays. But this trip definitely changed my mind. It was a surprise gift from family members. Boy, was it an amazing surprise.

Now instead of worrying about gift buying and the holiday rush this season, I was given the chance forget it and relax on the beach of Cancun. If you enjoy sun, beach, food and culture then its an opportunity to experience once from the cold weather.

For first timers in this region of Mexico, I recommend an all inclusive resort. That means its all paid in advanced, therefore, you will only have to worry about drinking, sunbathing, swimming and more drinking. Oh there are plenty of food to devour too so all that alcohol will be absorbed quickly. I was reminded, be prepared with a few dollars or pesos to tip the good service each time and be on your merry way.


I would never had tried the inclusive for Mexico. However, remember that you are going into a different country and a tropical beachy area. If “relaxation” is on your mind as a first trip to any of the beach areas of Mexico, realize it as a foot stepped into the door of a new world. So if you do not want to feel paranoid or out of place, a resort would be ideal. Plan 1 or 2 excursions later on in the trip if you want to curiously explore the locals.  Assuming you are in a group who flew in together, stick together always. Cancun resorts and its surroundings are often mindly safe since its quite touristy and modern around the strip. But don’t be alarm by that either because December was definitely not crowded of tourists if you don’t prefer that. Don’t forget to say hello to the locals if they greet you. But like any other time on the streets in your own country, be smart about watching your back, avoid dark alleys and please don’t talk to weird strangers. Know your common street sense. And don’t wonder off on your own outside of the resort. Excursions can be anything from water activities to local city market tours. Don’t forget the Mexico ruins and historical sites. Your resorts will provide information for you should you have more questions.

Now that we are done with that quick 101 safety tip, understand that the resorts are huge depending on where you stay at.  Most are accommodating with things to do in the water, the beach, bars, singing stages, eateries, theatre shows and many more. So take your time and enjoy the scene and warmth. My personal favorite was sitting on the water floating along the horizon palm trees as my view. And of course, a mojito of a new flavor on the hour. What more can I ask for.

Pricing on the inclusive can vary with the hotels and resorts you stay at. So do some research on the pricings to fit budget and go for it. Expect to relax and not worry at all. Thanks to my two lovely ladies (M & O) who occupied me to a much needed get away. I wouldn’t have done the resort without their support and recommendation.





Photos taken by me.


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