Adventure day into some of Seattle North Neighborhoods


There is one thing I can say about living in Seattle is that I am never bored. As a local, there is always something to explore and see. This time around, I went for a little adventure up in the northern neighborhoods of Seattle; particularly Ballard and Fremont while a drive through Greenwood that is mainly residential but its also rising in a new community of shops. This drive up north from me was much overdue. Since they all sit along one another, they are similar in history. Although, I am not going to go deep in the history, I got the opportunity to hit of what it is today.

It was wet and drenched as Seattle would be but I still got enough pictures to showcase the things to do and see. These areas are not tourist attracted but are locally visited. But there are plenty of artistic crafts you may see around while window shopping one cannot miss. I have to say I appreciate neighborhood boutiques, bars and shops now that I am older. These things entertains the locals well. With the weary economy lately, I am happy to see that most of these shops are still around despite the bigger commercialized retail brands. I don’t know how long some will stay or some that have left and been replaced but what I was able to see today was a good sign.

Plenty of restaurants, bars and coffee shops
Private boutiques locally owned
Street marble glass made by local students
Yummy Taco Bar


Burke-Gilman trail along Lake Washington Ship Canal
This sits in the intersection of Ballard. You cannot miss the smell of the food.


A random building wall piece



Before I close this blog, I wanted to share my favorite spot this day. This piece of somewhat real folklore history of Edith Macefield’s home. Located in Ballard, this house inspired the movie UP. Edith was a real estate agent I believe who has lived in this house for a long time. When the business started to boom around the area and many old neighbors had left, she was the last to stand for her home. She did not want to sell this piece of land and home of hers. Today, it sits between Ballards Blocks, a business building of retail and commercial stores. It has not been well taken care of in the past few years as seen but it was well favorite and visited from locals and tourists during the movie’s popularity a while back. I wished that I had gotten the chance to take a photo of it before it went bad. There are other photos of it online when it was still nicely painted and cozy. (see 2nd below photo courtesy of Ms Edith passed away in 2008 at the age of 86. She had no children of her own. It is quite an amazing and memorable story even if some may no longer feel that the house needs to sit there.

Circa 2016
Courtesy of

Kept this piece of information and photo last as it is a last tourist spot I’d remember to visit. This Fremont troll sits under the George Washington Memorial bridge. I suppose it plays a guardian of the bridge but it also plays a structural art piece. It is one of the newest history of Fremont only have there from 1990. I don’t know more on it but many like to visit and take photos with the piece.

FremontTroll trol
courtesy of Wikipedia





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