Tea Houses visit in Town!

A little late in posting when I visited these two separate tea houses in the spring but never too late to review. I went to Remedy tea café first up on Capitol Hill where its normal to find of a joint like this. I discovered this place through yelp actually. It had a clean modern city café feeling yet they served all around mix tea. The aroma of the place smelled so pleasant as you entered the door. It is what I can remember. The seating is not very private but it works. It reminded me of a herbal potion factory. The menu was simple. We got the bakery tier along with some stew and quiche. I enjoyed it although I was tad disappointed in the bakery tier we got. The tea overall was great. I cannot recall what I got but it was also a clean herbal taste. I rather enjoy a hint of orange aroma so it was close to that. They did have some cool names for their tea.

I have always known about Queen Mary. Real tea gurus may not think this place is a real English tea house but its the closest to it in Seattle. It is a small but well known English inspired tea house tucked up by the city’s University neighborhood. It sits on a side hill with a fancy curb appeal. When you enter, it is small but it is filled with the cutest trinkets and tea cups you can imagine. I enjoyed it here. Although it is my second time it has been over 7 years since I’ve been here. The one thing that may bum you out is the selecting from the menu of tea they offer. It is hard to choose and try them all. Because you want to try them all. But its okay, that is why you return. The food was mediocre for me. I suppose its what you prefer and order. But the fancy warm decors and tea itself made up for that part. See the pictures provided best perception. 






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